Bouncy Castle Hire for Cork and Cork County....

Questions & Answers

How do I book?

The preferred method is by telephoning us on 086 2541032, alternatively you can email us at: . If you do email us please include your address and contact details.

How much notice do I need to give you for a booking?
You can book anytime however bookings get very busy so please book as early as possible to avoid disappointment.

What areas in Cork do you operate?
We are located in Farran, Co. Cork and normally operate within a 20 mile radius, however we could operate beyond this with prior arrangement and notification.

How much does a bouncy castles cost to hire?
Please see our bouncy castle page for all prices.

What do the prices include?
All bouncy castle booking prices include local delivery. You will also receive a blower and extension cable, the price also includes set up, inflation and collection.

Do I have to pay a deposit?
No deposit is required.

What if I need to cancel?
You can cancel at anytime, but as we do not charge a booking deposit please help us by giving as much notice as possible.

How do I pay?
Most people choose to pay cash on delivery. We do not accept credit card payments and cheque payments need to be received in sufficient time for funds to clear before the booking date.

When are your bouncy castles available for hire?
Our castles are available for hire 7 days a week all year round, including Bank Holidays.

How long do I get the equipment for?
Most parties are in the afternoon and so we will deliver and set up your castle between 9 am and 1 pm. We will then come and take the castle away after your party has finished usually between 5 - 8pm. A later pick up time can be arranged. This needs to be arranged when you book.

Do you hire overnight?
Yes under certain circumstances this can be arranged. Please contact us for more details.

What if it rains?
All of our castles have built in shower covers so can still be used in showery conditions. Bouncy castles should not be used in very heavy rain or windy conditions for safety reasons. Please contact us, if you believe weather may hinder a booking.

Can you set up on Concrete, tarmac or a patio?
Unfortunately not, we are only able to set up a castle on grass areas due to safety reasons.

Can the bouncy castle be set up on a slope?
Unfortunately we are not able to set up a castle on a slope. However if it is a very slight slope it may be ok, you will need to discuss this prior to your booking.

How much space is needed?
We need a 3ft wide clear access into your garden, to deliver a castle.
You will need to allow a minimum of 5 feet at the front and rear of castle and 3 feet either side. This is for safety reasons and to allow access to the blower at the rear of a castle. Please make sure all dog poo, garden items such as garden toys, swings, slides, patio furniture, rubbish etc are removed from the area where the castle is to be sited.

Do you supply safety instructions?
Yes we provide detailed safety instructions with every hire. This is part of our contract of hire that you will need to sign on the day of hire. This you can view here on our website.